Drain Relining in the North West

If you're experiencing regular sewage accumulation or water leaks, we can offer relining services to restore your pipes. Contact The Drainage Group Ltd.








Before Drain Relining

Drain Relining Before

After Drain Relining

Drain Relining After

Drain relining is one of the fastest and cost-effective ways to repair a damaged drain or sewer as it requires very little excavation. It eliminates the risk of subsidence caused by leakage into the surrounding ground. It also stabilises and prevents further deterioration to the drain caused by cracks and fractures, root intrusion and open joints. Placing a CCTV camera into the drain and check if it can be re-lined - we then install a lining inside the existing drain which bonds to the inside of the pipe and creates a new pipe within the existing pipe.

In most cases it is not necessary to fully re-line a damaged drain. Patching is an effective method for carrying out the localised drain repairs. Drain relining offers stabilisation, avoiding further deterioration to the drain. Whether there are open joints, areas of root intrusion, or simply cracks and fractures that have appeared over time, our relining of the drains could be the solution you need.

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"Came round same day to clear two drains that had heavily backed up. Great service from Shane. Fast, reliable and inexpensive."

Chris Sneddon

"What an excellent service...I dropped my keys down the drain at 14.40pm today and had them back by 15.00pm...Thank you Josh and Shane for getting me out of a really stressful situation...Very highly recommended company..."

Debbie Costello

"Rang the guys and asked them to come round for a quote. They arrived 2 hours later and cleared my drain. They also gave advise and explained everything. Would definitely recommend. Great service."

Dee Farrelly